What's the difference between an Anti-blue Light Screen Protector and an Anti-green Light Screen Protector?

Most users think that installing a Phone Screen Protector is just to protect the phone screen from damage, but in fact, the phone screen protector can also protect our eyes, which involves a word everyone has heard - blue light.

Blue light refers to light with a wavelength of 400-500 nanometers, which is visible light. Blue light is very harmful. In the smallest cases, it can cause myopia, irritate brown pigment, and cause freckles on the skin; in large cases, it can cause VDT syndrome, which disrupts sleep and increases serious illness. Therefore, it is necessary to install a screen protector for your phone to avoid blue light.

Due to the material, the anti-blue light screen protector has excellent radiation resistance. However, its light transmittance is relatively low, which will cause picture distortion to a certain extent. Once you're out in a well-lit environment, it can be difficult to see what's on the screen. Therefore, anti-blue light screen protectors are more suitable for users who use their mobile phones indoors for a long time.

Anti-green light screen protector has enhanced light transmission and excellent UV resistance. While absorbing the harmful ultraviolet rays of strong light, it reduces the glare caused by strong light to the eyes. Even outdoors, you don't have to worry about your phone's screen being darkened by a screen protector.

To sum up, anti-blue light screen protectors and anti-green light screen protectors have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although anti-blue light and anti-green light protective films can reduce the damage of blue light, they are not omnipotent and absolute. Therefore, it is necessary to be alert to daily long-term fatigue of the eyes, use mobile phones reasonably, and pay attention to the use time, so as to reduce the damage of mobile phones to the eyes and protect the eyes. Eye health, protect eye health.

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