Screen Protector Cutting Machine

What is a Mobile Phone Screen Protector, and what equipment does the Mobile Phone Screen Protector need to be cut?

A mobile phone screen protector is a screen protector that can be installed on the surface of a mobile phone to prevent scratches and cracks on the screen. The function can be divided into: privacy screen protector, high-definition screen protector, frosted screen protector, anti-blue light screen protector, antibacterial screen protector, etc.

Mobile phone protective film can be divided into front film and back film

The appearance of mobile phone protective film has brought a lot of convenience to people. Fashion people can choose their favorite patterns to decorate their mobile phones, say goodbye to monotonous colors, show individual style, and give a new visual impact; the screen is protected by a screen protector, which can not only protect the phone screen from scratches and oil stains, but also Can reduce the need for the owner to use the mobile phone. More and more people put their phones in their pockets, and everyone has the confusion of impurities and dust getting into the keyboard and screen of the phone. These problems are fundamentally solved with phone screen protectors and back stickers.

Mobile phone screen protectors mainly include: TPU material, PET material, tempered glass material, etc.

There are two main manufacturing processes for mobile phone screen protectors from material to finished product:

The first method is to cut the mold according to the size of the mobile phone model, and then mass-produce the same mobile phone screen protector. This method has high mold opening cost and is only suitable for mass production. There is no way to customize it.

The second method is to cut with a smart screen protector. The advantage of screen protector cutting machine is low cost and can be cut from one sheet. High precision. Cut and use anytime.

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    First,please send us your logo file in high resolution.We will make drafts for you to confirm the position and size of your logo.Next we will produce 1-2 samples for you to check the actual effect.Finally the formal production will start after the sample confirmed.
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    We can customize what you like based on the picture you provided.
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    Yes, the sample can be sent to you freely and you only need to pay for the shipping fee.
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    We have QC to control the quality one by one, our product also have ROHS,ISO9001,ISO4001. If there are any defective items, we would truly refund your money or send you new items.
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    Yes, we are factory for screen protector with more than 10 years of experience and knowledge,in Longgang area, Shenzhen. Warming welcome to visit our factory.
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