What are the benefits of Mobile Phone Screen Protectors?

The biggest advantage of the mobile phone screen protector is obviously its protective performance, which can resist the impact of sharp and other hard objects, leaving your mobile phone screen intact. Sometimes it can also play a certain buffering role when falling from a high altitude, so that it will not cost more money to replace the mobile phone screen.

With the development and progress of the times, the functions of mobile phone screen protectors are also being updated. In addition to the basic functions of screen protection, manufacturers have developed various functions in order to attract more people to buy them. It has anti-blue light, anti-glare, anti-peeping and other functions.

The benefits of phone screen protectors

1. Anti-blue light: As we all know, if a person faces the screen of the mobile phone for a certain period of time, the eyes will feel dry, sore, sore and even tearful. This is because almost all electronic products use LED as the backlight for work. We often play The mobile phone sees that there is a kind of light that is harmful to human eyesight hidden in the gorgeous and bright picture - blue light. The anti-blue light screen protector with blue light blocking function can isolate the blue light emitted by the mobile phone screen, minimize the harm to the eyes after using the mobile phone for a long time, and protect the eyes from myopia.

2. Anti-glare: "Glare" is a bad lighting phenomenon. When the brightness of the light source is extremely high or the brightness difference between the background and the center of the field of view is large, "glare" will occur. The phenomenon of "glare" not only affects viewing, but also affects vision health. Compared with ordinary coatings, the anti-glare coating of the anti-glare screen protector has a lower reflectance. Whether it is a single layer or a multi-layer, the reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%, eliminating the external The light produces "mirror"-like interference and improves the clarity of the picture.

3. Anti-peeping: The principle of anti-peeping screen protector is similar to that of blinds. The blinds block the outside vision while lighting through the concave and convex surfaces of the blades and the rotation of the blade direction. The anti-peeping and privacy protection film reduces the structure of the blinds by tens of thousands of times, and realizes the visibility of the screen through the side-by-side grating structure. With the control of the viewing angle, when the light is vertically incident on the privacy screen protector, it can pass through unobstructed; as the incident angle of the light increases, the light is gradually blocked by the shutter structure, and the transmitted light decreases accordingly. Therefore, only the user facing the screen can receive enough light to see the screen clearly, and the light received by the bystander at a certain angle to the screen is weaker, and it looks pitch black.

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