Is the Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector really effective?


With the popularity of mobile phones and other electronic products. Whether it is work or life, many people's eyes are already inseparable from electronic screens.

Everyone is familiar with the hazards of staring at electronic screens for a long time. The screen protection film market has also launched an Anti-Blue Light Screen Protective Film with eye protection and anti-blue light as the selling point.

What is the difference between them? Can it really prevent blue light? Please see my detailed introduction below.

What is "Blu-ray"

Here to correct a stereotype. Blue light is not all harmful blue light. In fact, blue light with a wavelength between 480nm-500nm is even beneficial to the human body.

The harmful blue light we often say is actually short-wave blue light with a wavelength between 400nm-450nm.

The harm of blue light

Shortwave blue light has strong penetrating power. Long-term exposure to this blue light for more than 2 hours will cause retinal pigment epithelial cells to shrink and photoreceptor cells to die, resulting in a gradual decline in vision and even blindness.

It also accelerates the decomposition of lutein, which can absorb harmful light in the eyes and cause macular degeneration that protects the retina. In this way, harmful light such as blue light becomes easy to penetrate, and human eyes become very fragile.

Especially for children with immature eyes, the harm of blue light is more direct and obvious.

In addition, blue light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, disrupt sleep, and increase the incidence of major diseases.

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

The working principle of the Anti-blue Screen Protection Film is to reduce the damage to the eyes by absorbing and converting the high-energy short-wave blue light emitted by the light-emitting source. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays, short-wave blue light and other rays that are harmful to the human body. Reduce the irritation of blue light to the eyes and protect the eyes at all times.

The Anti-Blue Screen Protector not only protects your eyes from blue light, but also protects your device from scratches and cracks.

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